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Welcome to the NOA VLE

The VLE gives you access to your work and teachers' resources at school, at home, anywhere with an internet connection. You can blog, you can chat, you can create your own profile; you can store work, submit work to teachers and showcase work. The VLE will record audio, audio/visual and eventually allow video-conferencing.

So good luck, we hope you enjoy getting to know the VLE. And, if you get stuck, ask Mr Bowker, the man in the Media Arts Centre.

To learn more about it click on the "it's learning feature tour" link on the right of this page. The other links to the right of the page have been set up to help users to access data and services quickly. You may need additional software on your computers at home to help you with this go to the Software Zone by clicking the link on the right.

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22/03/2011 11:43

How To Log In

1. Make certain that North Oxfordshire Academy is showing in the log in box on the left (or select it using the drop down arrow).

2. Enter your user name (this is normally the first three letters of your first name followed by the first three letters of your second name e.g. Joe Bloggs would be joeblo).

3. Enter your password (initially advised by an administrator or your teacher).

4. If you have problems accessing the VLE please contact Mr Bowker in the MAC Centre.

08/03/2011 11:51

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